The design of each MRE is carefully elaborated

mre is constantly receiving shipments from around the world with the most varied examples of food rations for soldiers in the battlefront, in each combat large amounts of calories are spent that must be adequately replaced, but at the same time it must be contained in a small space and being of low weight, around this industry of armies, and military has been built a separate world dedicated exclusively to the design and production of MRE for sale or food rations for soldiers and military forces while they are in combat, it is to be expected that continue to have a caloric intake consistent with the energy consumed, but how to do so that everyone can carry not only their weapons but also the necessary tools for survival in case of emergency, including food.

The food for long-term combat or long expeditions should be able to supply the adequate food in a comfortable, safe, lightweight and easy to transport format, apart from long duration, a task that is not simple if we take into account that the average size of soldiers exceed the average population and spend energy during the day, all these factors have to be taken into account when designing the buy MRE rations, in this process a whole team of specialists intervenes that guarantee the nutritional and practical functionality, on occasions even with tactical and strategic function.

Each soldier in battle must have guaranteed the right food supplement to stay alive for a few days in case of emergency, and his kit should contain everything necessary to ensure sustenance and life. The food kits are categorized to supply the individual for periods of time ranging from 24 hours to 12 days, having subcategories for shorter periods that will depend on the mission to which this is assigned and the estimated duration of this. The sustenance and subsistence must be guaranteed.